Ask the Board – October 9, 2017 | MARGOT MYERS


Which end-user verticals show the most potential for growth? Are there any that are at risk of diminishing or drying up?”

Two verticals that still have significant room to grow are corporate (employee) communications and educational institutions. Because it’s harder to prove a direct ROI in these environments, they have been a little slower to take off than verticals such as retail stores and QSRs. As successful case studies emerge in corporations and schools, an investment in a digital signage network will be an easier “sell.”

Increased revenue (as in retail) isn’t the only metric that matters. For example, in educational institutions, the use of digital signage as part of an emergency alert system for severe weather, active shooter lockdowns and other situations can be quite valuable.

I don’t see any verticals that are clearly at risk. As the price comes down for hardware, and software becomes even simpler to use, digital signage is more likely to proliferate than decline.

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