ASK THE BOARD: Pitching Multiscreen Solutions

Can you walk us through the steps for a creative brief and pitch for accounts that require multiscreen solutions?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Kenneth Brinkman

“At Posterscope, we are trying to move towards a “format agnostic” way of working, meaning that we are putting audiences at the core of targeting and executing campaigns. This means that a lot of campaigns turn out to be multi-screen based.”
SVP, group Director of DOOH – Posterscope USA

Read the Answer by Wade Forst

“Beyond the typical Creative Brief’s contents of project details, brand positioning, objectives, insights, etc., a multiscreen solution adds a level of complexity that can lead to multiple use cases, audience types, personalization and complex metrics. “
Senior Director, Emerging Experiences
Razorfish/San Francisco

Read the Answer by Peter Rivera

“A good brief contains some immutable items, the first revolving around audience. So, the “Who” is the first thing a good strategist will consider, the psychographics of the people that the solution is supposed to dazzle, communicate to, entertain and connect with.”
VP, Chief Experience Officer – Infusion

Read the Answer by Rick Robinson

“With this exercise complete, the hard work begins. You’ve got to commit to the story — to the key insight — to the single most important thing you want to say. One Idea. Not two. Only one. It’s easy to get misdirected.”
Partner/Chief Operating Officer – Billups

Read the Answer by Paolo Tosolini

“Watch a kid approaching a screen, and the first thing they will do is touch it. Adults don’t exhibit the same behavior, but most people are getting accustomed to touch displays thanks to the invasion of smartphones and tablets in our households.”
CEO – Tosolini Productions

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