ASK THE BOARD: Trigger Happy for Triggered Content

How can we expect to see triggered content utilized in the future?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Manolo Almagro

“Consumer and shopper expectations are leading the way for more personalization, thoughtfulness and utility in all of their shopping experiences. This behavior will push the limits of triggered content on digital signage. Artificial Intelligence will be used to moderate…”
Senior Managing Director, Innovation + Technology

Read the Answer by Wade Forst

“With the predictive always-on approach that is being powered by machine learning and fueled by cognitive spaces, places and things, triggered content will soon be “utilized” by the majority of smart phone owners, even if they are unaware…”
Senior Director, Emerging Experiences
Razorfish/San Francisco

Read the Answer by Phil Lenger

“We’re very excited about triggered content to help enable more responsive digital signage. We’re already seeing it used today in weather, news and sports, and the more ‘simple’ applications are already showing usefulness in automating program streams.”
President & Creative Director
Show + Tell

Read the Answer by Christina Radigan

“Trigger-based content and advertising are well positioned to become normal in digital signage as programmatic platforms continue to make in-roads and allow for the application of data to prompt serving to a digital sign. We are already seeing trigger-based ads emerge.”
Director, Marketing & Communications
Outdoor Media Group

Read the Answer by Daniel Wilkins

“More than anything, I think we will see triggered content used more widely in the near future. The technology is here already and has been for a while. I think the reason it has not been used more as of yet has to do with marketers…”
Chief Client Officer
Agency 672

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