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What are currently the most lucrative ways to monetize a digital signage or DOOH network?”

Operators have always been looking for various avenues to drive more revenue for their network.  We have found standard advertising content works best for us.  That said, we have tried other means to generate more revenue on our network.

One such case was placing brochure racks under the monitors.  These were from our advertisers, and for a premium, they could have their “take home” available to viewers.  This was somewhat effective, but we found the need to monitor and maintain inventory was not worth the revenue.  In a place like a doctor’s office or in a mall where one can offer coupons or detailed medical information, it becomes more lucrative.  So the bottom line to this is that it really depends on the venue.

Another example is “product placement.”  We create content highlighting a company so it reads like a news feature.  This works well as an added value for current clients, and we have had some success with it.  The drawback we have found is creating the content on a continual basis has been taxing on our production department.  To relieve this problem, we create stories with a lot of shelf life so we can rotate them for a month or two.

The bottom line is to not be afraid to try new things.  The location of the screens will dictate what works best.  For new networks, find the one revenue generator, focus on that and then look for ways to complement it.


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