Ask the Board – September 12, 2016 | ADAM FELDMAN


Why do you think we’ve seen an increase in focusing on displays and hardware rather than concepts and communication?

I think we have seen more of a focus on displays and hardware quite simply because of the growth of the LCD/LED consumer market.  You can now very easily pick up large-format displays at places like Walmart, Target and Costco.  This creates a double-edged sword though as those are consumer-based displays, and in our industry, we focus on commercial-rated hardware.  Lots of people still don’t understand the difference other than knowing that the latter costs a lot more.  The same can be said from a hardware perspective as well.  In the past, you needed a full-fledged powerful desktop-class PC to run digital signage, and now, technology has strengthened to allow for mobile, android, iOS, etc. type devices, as well as just needing a web browser.  This has really helped provide lots of options for playback devices that can accommodate a multitude of installations.

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