Ask the Board – September 12, 2016 | AMANDA GRABOWSKI


Why do you think we’ve seen an increase in focusing on displays and hardware rather than concepts and communication?

Since we implemented signage on campus about eight years ago, the hardware that was initially recommended has reached its end of life (or close to it). This has opened up some opportunity to explore what is on the market to better accommodate new content strategies, specifically with regard to interactivity. As individual campus units are figuring out their budgets for the new fiscal year, they are looking to us to provide recommendations about advances in hardware and software specific to signage. Having attended the DSE recently, our team brought back lots of information and resources for signage technology.

I think another factor in the hardware focus is that our digital signage service was recently transitioned to a new group, who specializes in new technology. This transition has brought a new perspective to our signage installation, as well as exposure to new options that were otherwise limited (i.e. by budget and resources). The fact that there is so much emerging technology around signage in particular gets everyone involved on campus excited about the opportunities for enhancing existing installations.

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