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Why do you think we’ve seen an increase in focusing on displays and hardware rather than concepts and communication?

Displays and hardware are changing rapidly.  New technologies are being introduced every quarter, and with all the new bells and whistles, it is hard to ignore the noise.  A new shiny toy to sell item X or to attract more customers is an ever-present sales pitch in the world of technology.  However, once the equipment is received, the true hard work begins.  Getting the most out of your digital investment is essential, and for Wendy’s, this involves massive efforts of communication between IT, marketing and operations.  The concepts and communication are at the center of a good digital signage/menu board strategy.  Failure to deliver on the company message means failure for the digital signage.  The reason that there is an increase in focus on displays and hardware is because that is where the money is made.  There are so many more companies pushing their hardware rather than companies willing to help with communication strategies.  Large organizations are struggling with growing their digital message away from traditional print.  Organizations that purchase the most up-to-date hardware but fail to work with their marketing/operations department will have a large disconnect with the capabilities of their digital architecture. 

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