Ask the Board – September 12, 2016 | JORGE DE LA PARRA


Why do you think we’ve seen an increase in focusing on displays and hardware rather than concepts and communication?

It is hard to answer this one, but I would say it deals with the fact that there are some retailers that are investing partially in digital signage, and there are others who are going “all in.” My perspective is that those teams that are focusing on just the hardware are the partial investors. They either don’t have the resources or the knowledge to fully leverage their new technology, but feel they have to have it in order to be relevant—to keep up with those who have fully invested.

Those that are fully investing know that just having these devices is not enough. They know that there are better ways to engage their guests/customers, and that enhanced engagement will build brand loyalty and sales. This engagement comes through focusing on creating better experiences and constantly updating the content and changing the communication. This takes time, talent and money. Most teams are not here yet. They are just trying to keep up, and hence, the increase in focus on displays and hardware.

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