Ask the Board – September 12, 2016 | JOSHUA GOODWIN


Why do you think we’ve seen an increase in focusing on displays and hardware rather than concepts and communication?

As technology improvements move at a breakneck pace, concepts and new communication strategies often take a back seat to the newest way to display your ideas.

For the most part, the language used to communicate the content of the message itself has not changed.  Strategies for effective message language remain the same as they always have.  How the message is formatted graphically, the verbiage used as well as how long the message is communicated have remain unchanged. Optimal message length is and will always be just long enough for the viewer to absorb the message. A human can only absorb so much information at any given time.

Because there is only so much advancement associated with concept delivery, new ways to distribute that message are what we as media specialists look to promote.  What better way to do that than with the latest technology?  Humans in general are always impressed with the newest digital products.  We’re always looking to the future when it comes to hardware and software development.  It’s my belief that the natural curiosity humans have is what drives research and development of new ways to deliver content.  The message remains the same. It’s the delivery method that changes.

Lastly, and quite plainly, people love the bells and whistles. They love what looks the best (the biggest screen, the highest resolution, etc.).  It’s just more fun to research and implement the latest advancements than it is to brainstorm new ways to write and communicate the message.

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