Ask the Board – September 12, 2016 | PAUL FLEURANGES


Why do you think we’ve seen an increase in focusing on displays and hardware rather than concepts and communication?

I believe the saying is “All that glitters isn’t gold.”‎ But the fact is that, in our technology-obsessed society, the cooler, faster and shinier the object is, the more attention it gets and the more market share and revenue the manufacturer gains. Digital signage is no different. There are some very glittery, shiny new toys to play with out there, and the offerings by the display manufacturers and hardware suppliers are only getting better. As price points decline, more of these high-end displays and hardware become accessible to a larger pool of end users and network operators who want the next great thing. The problem is that many make this technological quantum leap without developing a coherent content strategy.

As we know, the first of the 7 key elements of digital signage is having a well-developed business plan, and a close second is content. If you start your foray into digital signage with a hardware focus, you’re missing the point. Screens are only as good as the content they display. No screen, no matter how glittery, can make your bad content look good.  ‎Content is still king.

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