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How are you planning to circumvent the lack of standards as one of the key threats to industry growth?

I started my professional career as a sales engineer for a Danish testing and measurement company whose gold standard technology and products defined, met and exceeded many global standards. We used to have a saying that went something like, “Standards are a wonderful thing … everyone should have at least one!” This became evident when I started in the digital space. Even though MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video codecs were supposedly industry standards, it became clear very quickly that many manufacturers had their variations on these standards that made it very difficult to move seamlessly from platform to platform. It was even worse with computer motherboards. With hundreds of digital signage CMS software solutions vying for commercial attention, it will be very difficult to define and adopt industry wide standards. Thanks to the mobile community, the emergence and rapid adoption of HTML-5 will help make content more universally ‘playable’ across the playback ecosystem.

I recently developed CEEclear©–a digital signage content efficacy (ROI) and optimization process and software engine using transactional PoS sales data as the success metric, to be valid independent of any CMS platform. CEEclear©  was developed to answer that single important question—“Does digital signage help us sell more stuff?” The universally understood and accepted standard for any brand and/or retailer is sales. That will never change!

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