Ask the Board – September 15, 2016 | JONATHAN BRAWN


How are you planning to circumvent the lack of standards as one of the key threats to industry growth?

That’s an interesting question, and since I am not a network operator, I can’t really circumvent standards … but I can advocate for how much we need them. Standards will set best practices for customer experiences and allow consultants such as myself the justification for why we design things a certain way… as well as making sure that the end user gets a quality solution that will definitely meet their needs, provide good business outcomes and provide quality experiences. These sorts of standards may be adopted from other organizations such as the partnership with ANSI and InfoComm on things like display sizes vs. viewing distances, or HFES for human factors and ergonomics for display placement… or they could be generated entirely within our industry, such as the efforts of the DSF to create standards and best practices for content and so on. We need to adopt, adapt and drive standards for the good of the industry.

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