Ask the Board – September 19, 2016 | DAVID SALEME


How do you expect advertising to evolve with “smart” or “connected” cities?

Advertising will evolve with “smart” or “connected” cities in many ways, but the most critical change could be how back-of-the-house analytics impact decisions on how and when to advertise. Broad systems, either through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which track movement, could radically change how the value of a given location is determined. Current models rely heavily on assumed traffic patterns and assumed foot traffic. Current systems have the ability to accurately measure devices (and people) in real time. Ad buys by agencies are purchased on an assumed “cost per impression.” A connected city may provide the opportunity to change that assumption to more of a certainty. Ad space on digital screens could be purchased on a model more closely resembling how ad time is sold online and where the spot runs for a certain number of impressions versus time-based. A connected city could help create the foundation to make this happen (and potentially monetize it), providing the data both the client and the sign owner need to make such a change happen.

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