Ask the Board – September 19, 2016 | RICK ROBINSON


How do you expect advertising to evolve with “smart” or “connected” cities?

I don’t think we know yet.  The general assumption is some version of the movie Minority Report coming to life. There’s no doubt that brand messaging will continue to work to become more timely, more site specific, and by definition, more relevant as the result of creating more measurable and “smart” campaigns.  But is it best for OOH Media?  Do people on the street, out in the public space, really want EVERYTHING that comes their way to be so very hyper-targeted?  The quick answer is yes, yes they do!  Yet I think it’s our desire for real-time ROI that wants it that way.  But people, regular people, also want surprise and wonder and the unexpected and sometimes things out of context that just make you smile.  In the end, there will be plenty of room for what advertising does best—branding and storytelling.

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