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How are you approaching 4K content on single screens?

We do a lot of HTML5 and interactive, and 4K isn’t that common there yet, but we have completed a few projects. There’s more coming through the pipeline! HTML5 on 4K requires a pretty beefy media player. We have done some work on a ChromeBox, Iadea player and BrightSign. Native rendering resolution isn’t always the case. Sometimes, the player only supports HD HTML5 playback, even though it’s labeled 4K. It’s worth checking with the media player manufacturer, because sometimes 4K is only supported for video. Also, sometimes, the CPU just can’t handle the 4K rendering of a complicated HTML5 animation.

When we do video projects though, especially motion graphics in After Effects, our approach in 2016 has been to work at 4K no matter what, even if the project is just HD. It’s a little extra work, but I personally did the same thing towards the end of the SD to HD transition years ago. That saved a ton of trouble when the client came back asking for content updates a year later. It’s a good strategy for future proofing content.

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