Ask the Board – September 22, 2016 | JONATHAN DODGE


How are you approaching 4K content on single screens?

Freshwater Digital spends a great deal of time on single screen 4K technology and content for our customers.  Most of our customers are still in an evaluation period as upgrading from HD to 4K not only requires an investment in the right technology (network space, speed, media players, 4K amps and displays), but it also has to be supported with the right content.  With our customers who have deployed 4K, keeping content fresh presents a whole new challenge.  As 4K content demands increase, we will continue to ramp up content production, but in some cases, it is a combination of acquiring existing content along with producing new video. 

Adaptation to 4K will be slower in some sectors as it does require a significant investment. Often, standard HD quality still meets the needs of many of our customers.  However, as costs continue to drop, and customers look to future needs, we plan on supporting 4K and other advanced resolutions as they become readily accepted.  

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