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How are you approaching 4K content on single screens?

We are approaching 4K content requirements by creating original videos. We are constantly advocating that, prior to creating motion graphics or video-based projects, a content audit should be conducted to see what there is to work with prior to creating net-new. With the demand for 4K content on the rise, this approach doesn’t always work as there simply is not enough existing 4K content in most marketers’ library of assets.
The solution? Original video creation.

Currently, our video equipment is capable of capturing video up to 6K resolution. This allows for creative flexibility by providing the option for cropping the footage and still retaining the optimum image quality that 4K screens are capable of displaying. Having this availability adds another creative tool to help in creating engaging original videos

Applying our COPE (Create Once. Publish Everywhere.) approach, we take our final 4K edit intended for high definition displays and also create shorter clips suitable for sharing via social media platforms on all varieties of displays.


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