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How are you approaching 4K content on single screens?

As content creators/designers for all kinds of networks around the world, we have to be ready for any needs our customers throw our way. We also pride ourselves on being innovators in the space so the last thing we want to do is ignore our customers that are demanding higher resolution content.

Personally, I believe that unless you’re standing closer than five to seven  feet from the screen, adding 4K screens is borderline unnecessary, though there are exceptions.

The biggest considerations for Screenfeed when it comes to 4K are bandwidth, raw assets and customer demand. These three things slow down the ability for 4K to become mainstream (from the ready-made content perspective).

Products that are data driven and delivered via HTML5 or Flash are no problem because any of the assets can be preloaded and then driven by dynamic data. If you require delivery methods like Direct URL or Media RSS, and you’re piggy-backing off of Screenfeed’s automated instant rendering engine, file sizes add up quickly when data is updating every 15 minutes across thousands of players. Worst of all is 4K video, which we have done with some of our library content. Video news in 4K, however, is likely a ways off.

Quality raw assets are important. Screenfeed hardly ever acts as a straight syndicator. We’re touching our products on many levels, adding value and catering to the digital signage medium. But before our editorial team can do their magic, everything starts with the original video or image captured from our content partners. Some images are high enough resolution to be used on 4K content but much of the content available still isn’t being rendered with 4K screens in mind. Same thing goes for video.

A year ago, we began building out all new data and graphic driven products to support 4K. We have to charge a little more because our costs to deliver and support it are much higher, and there is more value to those that truly want 4K content. Video 4K is also being supported for library-based content like Trivia and Healthy Bites.

In summary, Screenfeed is in the mix for 4K adoption, but cautiously waiting until customer demand picks up more to drive the supply of 4K support across all our content. 

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