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Do trends like 3D, VR and AR offer content producers more or less flexibility for expressing their message? Why or why not?”

Guest responder for the month of June:  Dave Dolejsi, Assistant Vice President, Content Strategy, St. Joseph Communications

3D, AR and VR are more than just trends depending on their application. As with any technology and content, context is everything. What channel will it be used in? Who is the primary audience? What business objective will it serve? Can the results be measured? The same strategic considerations apply to these exciting new media as they do to any other content.

By their very nature, these new tactics offer content producers a lot more flexibility in the sense that they are available to us and can be integrated into other media. 3D, VR and AR can allow entirely new branding opportunities, whole new environments, and interactive opportunities, not to mention possible efficiencies in the reduction of print or added value within your media buy. When treated as tools in the content tool box, they add a layer of opportunity to tell a better, potentially more immersive, interactive and visual story. And for the right channel, product or objective, that’s worth its weight in gold.

The only example in which employing these tactics becomes restrictive is when they are employed for the sake of being employed. If the strategic considerations and subsequent planning don’t occur, the technology alone will not be enough to carry the day. Suddenly, instead of being vibrant, stimulating and effective, the message becomes locked into a box that can only be viewed and understood a certain way. In fact, there is a good chance it will not be seen at all and potentially even annoy those who do try to engage with it.

Content producers need to continue to push clients to employ these great new tactics, but we always need to make sure they are the right content tool for the job at hand.


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