Ask the Board – September 26, 2016 | IAN DALLIMORE


Is Return on Investment (ROI) or Return on Objective (ROO) ultimately more important and why?

I think it honestly depends on the campaign and its objectives.  Often in our medium, it’s either branding or call to action.  One of our largest customers, Cracker Barrel creative messaging, has a price point on a specific menu item. One of our newest customers, Google Play creative messaging, has dynamic playlists promoting songs based on time of day, weather, traffic and market. (See attached images)  I’d say both are equally important (ROI and ROO) for each respective brand.  As our industry evolves incorporating Mobile with OOH, so does measurement.  We have begun incorporating Attribution Studies into a handful of our campaigns. I think it’s important that a brand feels confident that not only is the OOH medium driving sales but that they can measure it as well. Creative plays an important role as well in ROI and ROO.  It’s our job as an industry to find ways to gauge effectiveness of creative prior to it going live on the streets. If we can help guide both creative objectively and measure campaign performance, our share of the advertising budget will continue to grow.

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