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Is Return on Investment (ROI) or Return on Objective (ROO) ultimately more important and why?

In the corporate world, it can be rather difficult to quantify ROI, so ROO or Return on Objective is the more important.  ROO can be used at multiple levels of your digital signage strategy, from screen placement to content strategy and all the way to message strategy. Personally, I prefer a three-tier approach to ROO:  Can the audience see the content, will the audience remember the content and will the audience act on the content?

Can the audience see the content? – Have we placed the screens in a location to take full advantage of the audience’s direct and or peripheral vision?  Did we use dynamic and interesting graphics or typography design to catch the audience’s attention?

Will the audience remember the content? – Have we created messages with copy and design meant to achieve the most recall?

Will the audience act on the content? – Do we have a strong call to action?  Did we work with our stakeholders to give the audience simple or easy-to-complete follow-through instructions?  Some might say, “You can’t have three objectives!”  However, I disagree. I see these three tiers as equal parts of a whole objective. Think about it. If the audience doesn’t see the content, or can’t remember what they saw … how will they act on it?  Miss even one of these three tiers and you lose your ultimate goal, which is the audience acting on the information. 

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