Ask the Board – September 26, 2016 | MIKE McGRAW


Is Return on Investment (ROI) or Return on Objective (ROO) ultimately more important and why?

At Clear Channel Outdoor Americas, we’re focused, first, on understanding a client’s objectives so we can drive their ROI. This is accomplished through more consultative selling to understand their needs. For us, it’s no longer about just selling great locations, though we have great locations and assets to offer. It’s about having a deeper and more meaningful conversation with the client to understand changes in their industry that are affecting their business and ultimately their bottom line.

Once we have a grasp on how they plan to define success, we can be more prescriptive in the OOH solutions we offer. For example, with our new planning, buying and measurement solution, Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR, we can leverage our toolset of smart data to help a client reach specific segments of the consumer population such as Major League Baseball fans or Auto Intenders. And then, based upon the client’s needs, we can offer options to retarget these same anonymous consumer groups with mobile advertising to reinforce their message. The holy grail of measurement remains attribution. Now, we can also inform a client of what happens after a consumer groups sees their out-of-home ads on our media. And that’s how we define ROI.

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