Ask the Board – September 29, 2016 | ADAM FELDMAN


Are there any appropriate applications for consumer displays in your experience? Why or why not?

The short and simple answer is NO.  Our specific environment is 24/7, and for 95 percent or more of our displays, they never get shut off.  The good majority of our displays run in locations that are potentially smoky and dusty and we need to have displays that are workhorses.  Thus, our standard has and will always be to utilize a commercial-grade display.  We did test a few consumer models years ago in a back-of-house environment, and not one of them lasted more than six months.  The most common issues were power supply and back light failures.  From a cost perspective, with that type of failure rate and the scale at which we operate, it still is way more cost-effective to go with a more costly commercial product.

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