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Are there any appropriate applications for consumer displays in your experience? Why or why not?

We continually review our options to install consumer displays versus commercial displays when appropriate. We currently install consumer grade screens in private offices within our stores that will have only a few hours of viewing per day. Typically, these applications are for customers to video conference with subject matter experts in our Centers of Excellence. For digital signage applications that require 16×7 or 24×7 availability, we use commercial screens. Here is a brief summary of why for video conferencing:

  • Cost – In some cases, consumer displays are priced at half of the cost of the commercial displays. If their usage is limited and still provides a good customer experience, the need for additional expense is not warranted
  • Potential life span – Although warranties are limited for consumer displays, based on our limited usage in the application in our stores, the life span and durability of the consumer displays is not usually an issue

Why not for digital signage:

  • Hours of use – Consumer screens are not designed for the 16×7 nor the 24×7 use we need for our digital messaging.
  • Warranty – Under constant usage. Most consumer screen warranties are limited, usually one year or less, while commercial displays typically offer a three-year warranty
  • Consumer displays are landscape-only orientation.
  • Control buttons are accessible and can be adjusted or tampered with  
  • Lower brightness and ambient temp ratings
  • Doesn’t afford the flexibility to configure to design and needs such as a video wall

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