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Are there any appropriate applications for consumer displays in your experience? Why or why not?

Yes, there are times when consumer displays are just fine for use in corporate environments. These include:

  • When a display use has a short life span or will be used only on demand, a less-expensive consumer version will often be adequate.
  • When used at a special event where it will play for just a few hours, such displays can be sufficient and meet the need at hand.
  • This is particularly true when a unique size or shape is needed, one that will not be usable for future productions. Its one-time life doesn’t require additional durability.
  • When a display is needed only on demand, such as a specialized demonstration or feature, a lesser-quality product also meets the requirement.

However, in the continually budget-conscious corporate world, most displays are reused time and time again.  We often buy multiple units of a single display so that we have consistent equipment to use in a common environment such as a large product display at a trade show.  For these kinds of uses, it pays to buy commercial-grade equipment that is more durable.

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