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Are there any appropriate applications for consumer displays in your experience? Why or why not?

Our standard is commercial- and enterprise-grade electronics, and we don’t like to use consumer-grade displays. Sometimes though, there is a need to use a consumer product, as in the case when a panel goes down and we need to get something up for the weekend. We can’t have dark screens so we will put something up until a commercial-grade replacement arrives.

We do carry back-up panels housed with our integrators in both the west and the east so we can ship out within a few hours, but when more than one display goes down and we’re caught short before a big game, the situation must be fixed fast.

This type of situation is the only time we will use a consumer-grade display. I would however say that one positive is that if you do need to go this route, it’s a very fast fix as you literally go down to your Best Buy and grab a panel. We then usually give it away at a staff event as a prize.

The only negative is that an operator may start to question why the commercial product is more expensive and how you can save money. This is the one drawback, as you have to get into that old conversation and explain how it all works. 

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