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Are there any appropriate applications for consumer displays in your experience? Why or why not?

For the budget-conscious small business, consumer displays can be a viable option when deploying your first digital signage system. Having a good plan and scope of what you hope to achieve with your system will help avoid some of the pitfalls when selecting a display. Consumer display brands range in name as well as in price. In this case, I would select the well-known brands versus the lesser known.

Once you’ve settled on a brand you are comfortable with, you’ll then want to make sure the display has some basic features, i.e. programmable timers, network, etc. Programmable timers may appear to be a “no brainer.” However, you will find this feature to be invaluable. Imagine if you have a storefront with the display facing outwards to attract pedestrians in the morning before you open or a few hours after you close. Your display can be programmed to power up before opening and shut down after the primetime crowd has turned in for the night. Unlike professional displays, consumer grade displays are not manufactured to handle the rigorous “always on” applications. Programmable timers can prolong the life of the display and help in promoting your goods and services before and after hours.

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