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Are there any appropriate applications for consumer displays in your experience? Why or why not?

In my work with food service, digital displays can highly enhance the consumer experience.  Having “smart” technology creates operational efficiencies that benefit the consumer as well.  Food service locations have different dayparts (breakfast, lunch, dinner) as well as different audiences.  A menu may need to change depending on time of day, weather or audience type (event venue). If a digital display can recognize the need to adjust and automatically update the boards, the consumer will find a better connection to the offerings and make more purchases.  The operator will have more time to focus on the business, including quality of food and service, as opposed to making these updates. Digital displays are beneficial to a business in many ways, but if there is a need to operate your screens continually, it is best to rely on commercial-grade screens that are designed to run 24/7, as opposed to consumer screens, which will not stand up to constant use.

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