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Are there any appropriate applications for consumer displays in your experience? Why or why not?

We utilize consumer displays mainly throughout the concourse at Nationwide Arena. We have a total of 35 consumer screens throughout the main and upper concourses of the arena that are only used during live events a few hours at a time. These screens are strategically placed near high-traffic areas such as concession stands, restrooms, etc. The screens are high enough and mounted throughout the concourses in such a manner that we don’t have to worry about people making contact with them.  All the screens are controlled on a network that is programmed from our production room.

The screens can serve several purposes. We have the ability to run the same content on every screen or segment into different groups. If we want the upper concourse screens to display different content than the main concourse, we can program them to do so. These screens help the overall fan experience and can achieve some of our marketing goals. Fans can keep an eye on the game while they are away from their seats and not miss any of the action. Another advantage for us is the ability to display marketing messages and team content such as the next promotional night or the next concert.


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