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Are there any appropriate applications for consumer displays in your experience? Why or why not?

In my experience working in retail and fashion, there are indeed some applications in which consumer displays should be used. Normally, when digital displays are used in a retail or professional capacity, they have to be special commercial units that can handle the everyday rigors associated with extended use. They should have a special power supply, cooling units etc.

However, there are uses for consumer displays. At Eileen Fisher, we use tablets in our dressing and cash wrap areas. We encase them in a durable enclosure that can be removed from a re-charging station so the client can move about the interior while shopping. The user has access to our e-commerce site as well as some marketing and branding video content. We place the units in these areas of the stores to maximize productivity during dwell time and hopefully motivate impulse or last-minute purchasing as well as familiarizing our clients with our brand.

So while there is a cause to use consumer displays in a retail environment, for reasons of durability, large-format displays should always be commercial quality.

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