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Are there any appropriate applications for consumer displays in your experience? Why or why not?

Imagine going to the hospital or a clinic, either for yourself or for someone you love. The experience can be stressful and confusing to deal with as you navigate health challenges and large buildings. This is where the application of consumer or patient/family displays comes into play in a hospital system, and our hospital uses consumer displays throughout the hospital to minimize confusion, educate patients and families and give an overall sense of being taken care of throughout the system.

Some examples of consumer or patient/family-facing displays within our digital signage system include:

  • Wayfinding: With an interactive system where consumers can search by clinic or location, consumer displays assist in helping patients find the right location in a campus that is continually expanding. Patients and families who are dealing with health challenges and potential mobility issues need to be able to easily find wayfinding information.
  • Interactive: Patients and families can use our interactive digital displays to also search for local amenities, nearby restaurants, cafeteria hours and other helpful visitor information.
  • Informational: Waiting rooms are one specific area where rotating consumer displays are implemented within the hospital. This captive audience sees hospital messaging that includes regulatory messages, parking information, positive hospital news, upcoming events and generic wellness messages. Having a digital display in waiting areas may reduce perceived wait time. In addition, consumer displays are installed at pause points, for example, near elevator banks, and our system strategically targets location-specific information to these displays based on inpatient, outpatient or business areas. Using digital signage allows us to direct targeted information and to fluidly change content based on audience.

Healthcare consumers seek reassurance that the hospital or clinic they’ve chosen is technologically-advanced, and having digital displays as a clean and concise way to disseminate information quickly and efficiently is a great way to subtly underline this focus of technology and advancement in the hospital.

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