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Are there any appropriate applications for consumer displays in your experience? Why or why not?

From almost everyone in the industry, you will hear that you should use commercial grade, and there are many articles supporting that, but for me, there are a select few instances that wouldn’t require a commercial-grade display. There are applications, albeit limited, for consumer displays.  Each application deserves consideration of its own hardware, and that may include a consumer display.  

If you consider costs involved with commercial displays first, they tend to be several times pricier than consumer displays, and you can have several on hand to replace failed units. That, in and of itself, could be a reason to use a consumer display. If your application does not involve 24-hour constant use, and maybe is on only a few hours each day, this also is significant in choosing your display.  If uniformity in color quality, hue, saturation and contrast is not an issue, for example, with a video wall, or even two displays relatively close together, that is a further consideration. Finally, consider the operating environment. What kind of elements does the display have to resist?  Is there high heat, dust, corrosion or grease?  How are you mounting the display (vertically v. horizontally) how much glare is in the area, how accessible are the controls?  Commercial displays do have lockout features that consumer ones will not have. 

All these factors add up to mostly pointing back towards choosing a commercial display, but we do have internal staff displays that are on only for a few hours each day in very controlled staff room environments with little environmental factors facing them, so we have found that purchasing consumer displays for those areas to be suitable.

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