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Are there any appropriate applications for consumer displays in your experience? Why or why not?

I believe consumer screens can be used in limited circumstances.  While I’m certainly not a manufacturing expert on displays, I can provide my opinion based on my experiences in many different applications of digital signage.  I have seen consumer-grade displays deployed in public areas, even outdoors under cover, and I have rarely seen one that I would deem successful.  Typically, the brightness levels and clarity in reflected light are quite poor in the consumer displays because they’re just not designed for this purpose.  I find that the most beneficial and attractive aspects of a digital display are completely lost because of the washed- out content and lack of attention grabbing “pop.”  Industrial displays are simply far better at achieving the readability and professional look that is demanded in most public displays.  Of course, that’s not even taking into consideration the designed use time, lifespan, temperature or warranty aspects that must be considered.

I do, however, believe that under limited circumstances, a consumer display may be sufficient.  A scenario that is indoors in dim lighting with limited on-time may be appropriate, particularly if the cost analysis of replacing the consumer unit multiple times over the course of several years makes the consumer display purchase make sense.  Meeting rooms, offices, hallways and such may be acceptable candidates.  Of course it’s always best to do a thorough analysis of the use case and seek professional advice when making this decision.  Many manufacturers have product lines of both consumer and industrial displays, and I’ve found them to be very forthright in providing a recommendation along with the risks of each decision.

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