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Are there any appropriate applications for consumer displays in your experience? Why or why not?

As summer draws to a close, and year-end deals approach, consumer-model displays are a great solution if they fit your needs.  There are pros and cons to going with commercial vs. consumer displays.  I’ve listed several below:

PRO – Commercial models tend to remain in stock and are available longer. This gives you the ability to spec a model for a specific mount, enclosure or tight-fitting location for a longer period of time without having to replace.

PRO – Commercial models may last longer. Based on the environment, commercial screens are designed to operate 24/7 whereas consumer models are generally around four to eight hours for five  days a week.

CON – Commercial may cost considerably more. You are going to pay a bit more to have the higher durability and screen time.

CON  – Commercial may not have the benefits of the consumer units.  All those neat bells and whistles you get with consumer TVs usually don’t exist in commercial grade units, like Smart-TV options, Wi-Fi, a massive variety of inputs, TV tuner cards, refresh rates, curves, speakers, etc.

PRO – Commercial bezel design is typically slicker and thinner than consumer.  Commercial also offers super-thin sub 1-millimeter-to-4-millimeter- thick bezel.

There are endless displays to choose from. General installations are used inside controlled environments, hung on the wall, used for presentation purposes or as digital displays. You really have to look at the usage of the display.  Most of the time, standard consumer sets would work nicely. You can always find similar sizes on models at a third to half the price as commercial units.  Many times, consumer units work better in harsher and more mobile environments since you can budget to replace them more often, and it isn’t such a loss if one is damaged or walks off.

The short of it is that consumer gives you a great starting point and choice when choosing displays.  They are great to test with and when you are ready for production and decide move to commercial grade, you’ll still have the biggest computer screen in the office.  That will make everyone look and wonder. Until next month, happy shopping.

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