Ask the Board – September 4, 2017 | ADRIAN WEIDMANN


What are the critical factors to consider when getting organizational buy-in for a network?”

Provided you’ve successfully identified the fact that a digital signage network will solve a root communication problem whose cost to the organization has been clearly identified, one critical factor will be to identify its benefits to multiple departments across the organization. There needs to be multiple departmental stakeholders because its cost and implementation will inevitably disrupt and impact numerous departments including marketing, operations, IT, finance and legal just to name a few. The needs and expectations of each one of these organizational stakeholders need to be understood and addressed. Unless the business merits and benefits of the network are communicated across the organization, it is highly likely that any one of these departments can (and will) undermine and derail the entire project. Given the scale, impact and cost of a broad digital signage network, the decision to fund and proceed with this type of project will be made in the boardroom, and as such, the decision is made based upon validated quantitative evidence—the numbers. Make certain you do the math (correctly!).

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