Ask the Board – September 4, 2017 | JEFF PORTER


What are the critical factors to consider when getting organizational buy-in for a network?”

First and foremost, you need an internal champion for your network.  Ideally, this person would have deep cross-organizational ties to be able to break down ‘silos’ between departments and get them all talking together and on the same page.  This means you need representatives from Marketing and Merchandising, Brand Management, and IT (yes, even the dreaded IT guys are needed!), Human Resources and Training (since you may wish to multipurpose your screens), and Vendor/Supplier Relations (as they could help pay for the screens!). For bonus points, that champion could also reach out to the mobile and web team to share content, or at least be able to repurpose content more quickly and easily.  But probably MOST IMPORTANT is that the internal champion has a “key sponsor” at the executive team level to help you win over the executive team.  This could be the CEO or CMO or even the CTO.  But try and get someone with a “C” in the title!  

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