Ask the Board – September 4, 2017 | JONATHAN BRAWN


What are the critical factors to consider when getting organizational buy-in for a network?”

Our strategy is (we think) common sense, but it seems to be received with surprise by most of our customers. We start by aggregating a list of stakeholders and making sure it is complete. These aren’t just the folks signing the checks, but anyone who has material interest or who will be touching the system. We go through a detailed needs analysis and interview process so that we can make sure the full business objectives are articulated. From there, we can establish the return that they are expecting, define how reasonable that is and relate what is actually realistic or possible. This has resulted in each organization we have worked with (so far) opting to purchase a signage system of some sort. I know it seems basic, but everyone gets lost in technology and execution before they have understood the ultimate objectives clearly.

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