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What are the critical factors to consider when getting organizational buy-in for a network?”

TCO, ROI and TEI – Total Cost of Ownership, Return on Investment and Total Economic Impact top the list. Determining these will clarify benefits and organizational impact, and in defining these, business units will be engaged. 

Since the medium supports a customer-centric business model and contributes to the improved productivity of places, processes and people (staff, sales associates, patrons, etc.), buy-in is broadly established for application of the medium. This enables staff time allocation and budgeting at the various stages of the dynamic media program while, most importantly, establishing the interfaces with existing or planned initiatives.

Change management is the key to business improvement, so engaging the executive team and line of business management on the basis of benefits including revenue and branding increases, and overall cost reductions is to talk the talk and walk the walk of meeting organizational goals at all levels.  

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