Ask the Board – September 5, 2016 | BRYAN MESZAROS


What is the best example of triggered content that you have seen or implemented and why?

When executed appropriately, triggered content can have an enjoyable impact on the intended audience. Recently, we had the opportunity to work on a project at Madame Tussauds in NYC that was based on the new Ghostbusters movie. In short, we worked with a series of interior and theatrical design agencies to create a “walk-through” 360-degree sensory experience based on key scenes from the movie. For our part in the project, we were tasked to create a series of unique visual interactions that would help bring this experience to life and immerse the visitor in the paranormal chaos. We approached this task with the idea that the visitor needed to be entertained unknowingly, so we created a series of triggered effects that unfolded when they least expected it.

Throughout the experience, the visitor is engaged by ghosts who appear only when they move past a certain point or touch a harmless object. Again, we are telling a story that is only effective when we physically involve the visitor. From a haunted subway car to a harmless portrait that comes alive (and spits at you) when you stare at it for a few seconds to the grand finale that involves the guest triggering the actual Ghostbusters ghost trap to capture a five-foot- tall hologram of Slimer, it became a full sensory experience that will have anyone questioning the existence of ghosts!

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