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What elements have not translated from traditional signage to digital signage, and how can that can be remedied?

The biggest issue with comparing static Out-of-Home and digital Out-of-Home is the difference in the strengths of each and what they’re best used for. We often get asked by our agency partners to share with them any research on how one medium is better than the other. The fact is that they aren’t the same, and both have strong capabilities designed to accomplish different things. This is the same reason we have been successful pairing Mobile Ads with Out-of-Home. The size of the screen and what it’s intended for are different, but when combined, you create an even more effective campaign for your brand. To build the ultimate Out-of-Home campaign, you should have the conversations with your brands about using multiple formats and highlight the strengths of each medium.

A quick breakdown: Static billboards are effective at branding, call to action and frequency. Digital billboards are effective at providing relevant, interactive, real-time messaging. Mobile advertising allows you to provide targeted messaging and allows the consumer to drive action.  When you combine all three, and strategically place the medium at specific targeting paths during a specific consumer’s journey, you have planned the perfect Out-of-Home campaign. To answer the question, a lot of elements shouldn’t translate from one Out-of-Home medium to another. If positioned properly, agencies and brands have the ability to build more effective campaigns with what are essentially multiple formats. 

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