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What is the best example of triggered content that you have seen or implemented and why?

I like to think that triggered content means more than just a user interacting with something; more than just someone triggering a switch or sensor and something happening on the screen. For me, triggered content is best when the content reacts and changes based on live conditions coming from data feeds. The tradeshow demo is to have advertising automatically show umbrella ads when it’s raining, which is good. The best I’ve seen is some of the work Jeremy Gavin of Screenfeed has shown me. Using their sports data, they are changing the message within an ad when the home team is up or down. This type of real-time content intelligence is what makes our industry great. There’s a computer behind every screen capable of doing amazing things, but all too often, it’s just playing a slideshow. As more and more people embrace both sides of creative and technology, I’m excited to see what’s coming with content driven by live conditions.

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