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What is the best example of triggered content that you have seen or implemented and why?

A recent example of triggered content that we created was our adidas Lift & Compare Experience. Shikatani Lacroix was called on to lead the digital strategy, content creation and brand direction for adidas Golf’s in-store digital experiences. Our objective was to immerse, engage, attract and retain customers, as well as stand out in stores.

adidas Golf remains an industry leader in sporting apparel across many sports due to its quality, reputation and variety of options offered to customers. To further leverage how their identity could play a greater role in building brand equity, adidas Golf was looking for a different hook to draw customers into their retail space. adidas Golf wanted to provide customers with the opportunity to learn about their products without relying on the floor staff. The newly designed shelf space, featuring a unique golf-themed digital retail experience, gives adidas Golf a method of showcasing their forward thinking while simultaneously differentiating their Golf footwear from competing Golf footwear displays.

We wanted to create a two-way interactive experience that leveraged the customer’s natural shopping behavior in retail without the need for touch screens or interfaces. We needed to display the innovation and technology behind adidas Golf footwear, enhance the splendor and message of the brand while creating an opportunity to increase loyalty, conversion and ultimately, drive sales.

Customers were able to interact with this experience simply by lifting one of the shoes on display outfitted with an RFID sensor to trigger content and gain details on that product or lift two shoes simultaneously with RFID sensors to see a side by side comparison of the two products. The rich animated content and detailed product information truly helped this product stand out on the  shelf and immerse customers in an adidas brand experience.

On average, consumer interaction with digital experiences in retail results in 40 percent higher sale rate conversions. The new Lift & Compare Experiences provide customers an opportunity to compare and contrast four different footwear categories. The adidas Lift & Compare campaign has been successfully implemented across Canada in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Burlington, Oakville, Woodbridge and Ottawa in adidas retail stores, Golf Town Sporting Goods Stores, Sportchek stores and several Pro shops at some of Canada’s nicest Golf Courses.

The resulting year-on-year sales performance has been higher in retail locations where the Lift & Compare Experiences have been integrated. adidas Golf now has the perfect platform to showcase its quality products and continue its mission of creating the “Best Performing Golf Products in the World!”

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