Ask the Board – September 5, 2016 | MATTHEW DOWNEY


What is the best example of triggered content that you have seen or implemented and why?

What was once the annoying infomercial when you walked by an endcap containing a VHS/TV Combo connected to a motion sensor is becoming more strategic and sophisticated as technology is allowing us to do some pretty cool stuff.  Triggers are now available not only as a result of physical proximity, but as targeted content based on the IP addresses of cell phones with Wi-Fi turned on through the use of beacon and NFC technology. Triggers can also be based on external factors such as weather.  Not to toot our own proverbial horn, but our software, Wave, allows networks to display messaging based on forecasted or current weather conditions (i.e. advertise umbrellas when it’s raining).  I have also seen retailers use physical checkout line lengths to trigger real-time information on the aisle with the shortest line using infrared cameras tied in with the POS systems. There are truly some unique triggers that are currently being used, and it is exciting to see what will come next.

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