ASK THE BOARD: Size and Impact

Do you find that impact of large-format digital signage is usually proportionate to its size? Why or why not?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Joel Allard

“Yes, with some important caveats. Placement and content are also a big part of that impact. Obviously, the bigger a sign is, the more likely people are to notice it.”
Senior Creative Specialist, In-Store Digital – Target

Read the Answer by Doug Anderson

“In most cases, I would say the answer is “Yes,” especially if used to grab the viewer’s attention. When used as a promotional tool, bigger is better. Smaller sizes are better used for providing more detailed information where the user is up close.”

Senior Director – Digital Strategy and Innovation
LA Metro Transit

Read the Answer by Floyd Appleman

“Yes, and after a recent trip to Las Vegas, this question hits home for me. I found myself walking on the strip in Las Vegas, and because of the volume and size of all the digital signage…”
Manager, Technology Development – The Wendy’s Company

Read the Answer by Dana Baird

“The impact of a large-format display is not proportionate to its size, but having a larger format is nice and does help. The impact of a display is a result of the effectiveness of the messaging. It all comes down to the content.”

Audio Visual Concept Director – JOEY Restaurant Group

Read the Answer by Jesse Breidinger

“I have not measured any correlation between the actual screen size and the impact of the digital signage. In my experience, digital menu boards in the foodservice industry have been deployed in a standard size that may fluctuate slightly depending on the environment within which they are installed.”

Senior Customer Marketing Manager – The Coca-Cola Company

Read the Answer by Algernon Callier

“If impact can be defined as the ability to command the attention of your target audience at scale, and engage it long enough to meaningfully convey a brand message or impression…”
VP | Strategic Innovation & Emerging Technology
Universal Parks & Resorts

Read the Answer by Lawrence Chang

“Large-format digital signage can have a huge impact. Any time you have something large and lit up, you will see attention shifted to it. However, that doesn’t mean the impact or effect is proportionate to its size.”

Director, IT – Calgary TELUS Convention Centre

Read the Answer by Jorge de la Parra

“The impact of large-format digital signage depends on what aspect is being evaluated. ROI has consistently been disproportionately low, but guest feedback and perception is on the higher side.”
Director, Business Consulting Services – Jack In The Box

Read the Answer by Dominic DeSieno

“No, I do not think that the impact of a large-format sign is proportionate to its size. In my opinion, to get the biggest impact, you need to do something that is out of the ordinary. “
Digital Signage Technical Lead, Corporate Video Services Team
Wells Fargo

Read the Answer by Len Dudis

“We certainly cannot ignore the fact that large-format displays are, in most cases, more eye-catching than smaller ones. One only has to look at Times Square to see the impact of these incredible displays.”
CIO – Grupo Vidanta

Read the Answer by Kim Dwyer

“My quick answer is yes. The bigger and more eye-catching the display, the greater the impact it has and the attention it receives. However, here are two additional strong points that can dramatically change that answer…”

Corporate Communications Senior Account Manager – Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Read the Answer by Adam Feldman

“I feel the impact of large-format digital signage is usually proportionate to its size. This is backed up in our company by the recent installations both inside our properties as well as our large LEDs out on the Las Vegas strip.”

Executive Director, Audio Visual Systems and Digital Media Distribution – MGM Resorts International

Read the Answer by Paul Fleuranges

“When I see large-format digital signage, it’s not the size that impresses me. It’s the content on the screen. If the content doesn’t capture my imagination and make me say “Wow,” the size really doesn’t matter.”
Vice President, Corporate Communications – New York City Transit Authority

Read the Answer by Cheryl Flohr

“Size – even large format size – is generally relative to the environment. How far away is the viewer? 10 feet, 500 feet? The size of screen must fit the distance at which it must be seen. From far away, the screen must be big enough to be readable or viewable. “

Director, Communications – Parker Aerospace

Read the Answer by Mark Geiger

“I have found that larger digital signage has more impact. However, environment and viewing angle obviously have a lot to do with the signage impact. The reason I believe larger signage has impact at our venue is by looking at sales volume.”

Associate Director, Marketing & Business Development – Georgia World Congress Center

Read the Answer by Joshua Goodwin

“One might argue that the size of the display determines the impact of the message being delivered. I say it depends more on the creative content and where the display is placed.”
Digital Media Specialist – Eileen Fisher, Inc.

Read the Answer by Spencer Graham

““Bigger” doesn’t always mean “better.” I think it often “depends” on several factors that might include the following:”
Manager of Operations, Information Stations, Interactive Video, Network & Web ServicesWest Virginia University

Read the Answer by Gary Harris

“Large, in relation to its surroundings, is always good. In my view, the size of the screen is the first thing that catches the eye, but “impact” always derives from content. “
Digital Video Engineer – Notre Dame

Read the Answer by Jerry Harris

“Yes, large-format digital signage makes a difference relative to size. Large and impactful messaging and content intensifies as you increase in overall display size. “
Senior Director, Exhibits Graphics & AV Services – Georgia Aquarium

Read the Answer by Joshua Johnson

“I have been fortune enough throughout my career to visit multiple retail flagship stores, venues and conference centers that have deployed large-format digital signage. “
Sr Marketing Manager, Digital Innovation & Strategy – AT&T

Read the Answer by Jennifer Merrill

“I wouldn’t say “usually” when describing the ratio of impact to size.I have seen large-format digital signage that works welL: Size of sign is appropriate scale for space and content…”
Program Manager – Amazon

Read the Answer by Patricia Mitrano

“Large-format digital signage more often than not makes a stunning, significant impact. Bigger is exponentially better. Right sized for the environment, it can transform the space into an immersive experience.”
Director of Visual Communications – Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Read the Answer by Daniel Orme-Doutre

“To an extent, the larger the display and content, the larger the impact. Even our small pixel but large 50-foot screens generate more buzz and conversation than a regular 55-inch screen with similar content. “
Senior Content Publishing Manager – Microsoft

Read the Answer by Jim Riley

“We have seen that, in most cases, our large-format digital signage is proportionate to its size. I feel that this is the case for three main reasons:”
Director of Marketing – Columbus Blue Jackets

Read the Answer by Wayne Rorex

“In a large modern city, larger format signage stands out and will get noticed with far greater results than medium format until the area is saturated with large format signage. At that point, it is all content that makes the difference.”

Management Analyst – City of Los Angeles

Read the Answer by David Saleme

“Many factors influence whether or not a large-format digital sign has an unusually large impact proportionate to its size. At John Glenn Columbus International Airport, we recently installed two 44-foot byu 14-foot LED video walls over our entrances to Concourses A & C.”

Manager, Business Development – Columbus Regional Airport Authority

Read the Answer by Allegra Sandelli

“It all depends how and where you use it. Viewing distance, location, lighting, imagery and messaging all influence the impact. “
Senior Vice President, Marketing
TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank®

Read the Answer by Ralph Schorbach

“As we move through to the holiday seasons, the topic of digital signage can play a role, especially when related to size. In general, I believe that the impact of large-format digital signage is proportionate to its size. “

IT Manager – Fairplex

Read the Answer by Amy Shaw

“Yes. Without sound, signage can make a spectacular impression through colors and messaging in units optimally sized to fit the space. A prime example is the 100-screen digital signage wall in the great hall of Concourse D at McCarran International Airport.”

Airport Concession Manager
McCarran International Airport

Read the Answer by Jessica Stevens

“No, the size of the display is not proportionate to its effectiveness. I think that Vegas is a great example of large-format digital signage everywhere that just blends into the background. If you set it on its own or without “noise” around it, the impact is much greater. “

Senior IT Deployment & DS Capability Manager – Best Buy

Read the Answer by Dave Taylor

“Because I am based in Times Square, I live in a world where Bigger is Better. At first, the bigger sizes are very impactful, but over the years for someone who is here regularly, the content needs to be intriguing.”

Digital Signage Engineer – American Eagle Outfitters

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