ASK THE BOARD: Soundcheck

What are some good examples of digital signage audio, and what makes them appropriate?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Mike McGraw

“A good example would be CNN broadcasting their coverage of the RNC live with audio on a full-motion digital billboard in Times Square. Digital signage audio is a great capability to leverage in the right places and at the right times.”

SVP, Marketing Solutions
Clear Channel Outdoor Americas

Read the Answer by Ryan Postel

“Whether it’s movement, colors, or even audio, we consider each to be tools in our belt to communicate with the audience. For our signage network, the environment consists of waiting room and exam rooms in physician offices, clinics, and hospitals.”

Director of Media – ContextMedia

Read the Answer by Christina Radigan

“Not all digital signage networks have audio, nor do they require it, especially when creative has been customized for the environment with a mix of graphics and text so that the viewer can understand the message simply by seeing it.”

Director, Marketing & Communications
Outdoor Media Group

Read the Answer by Brad Savage

“Over the years, I have seen countless Out-of-Home networks fail, simply due to poorly implemented audio. If the network provides audio, it must be able to be heard above the ambient noise, but not be too disruptive to prove annoying.”

Vice President and Executive Director
Motor Vehicle Network

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