ASK THE BOARD: Steps to Success

Of the successful projects you’ve worked on, which is your favorite, and what steps led to making it a success?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Jennifer Arani

“My favorite project was creating a campaign for our call center’s “Digital Signage Learning Channel.” The campaign was created to support a new initiative in the call center, which changed the way we answered the phones.”
Digital Signage Coordinator – Farmers Insurance Group

Read the Answer by Kenneth Brinkman

“Lately, we have been developing a real-time platform for DOOH, and have done the initial tests with a select client in December of 2016. The first stage of building the platform has been to prove…”
SVP, group Director of DOOH – Posterscope USA

Read the Answer by Wade Forst

“Every project has their memorable moments, sometimes outstanding and often challenging. A measurement of success can range from the intangible to the analytical and often relies on a blend of both sides.”
Senior Director, Emerging Experiences
Razorfish/San Francisco

Read the Answer by Patricia Mitrano

“I enjoy sharing news and information, and getting the word out efficiently is easy using digital signage as a communication tool. My favorite project was enhancing employee communications through the use of strategically located screens around our facility.”
Director of Visual Communications – Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Read the Answer by Jim Nista

“I tend to look very favorably on our most recent projects. As Insteo’s team continues to grow, we are able to tackle larger and more complex projects with ease. Our projects have a tendency to involve collaboration…”
CEO – Insteo



Read the Answer by Ryan Postel

“Of the projects we’ve been fortunate enough to work on, the most obvious favorite for our team was to build and release our Interactive Digital Wallboard for exam rooms in hospitals and doctors’ offices across the country.”
Director of Media – ContextMedia

Read the Answer by Peter Rivera

“My favorite has to be a project that is also relevant for the Digital Signage Expo. It’s the reinvention of the Build-A-Bear Workshop retail experience that won Best Retail and Best in Show a few years back.”
VP, Chief Experience Officer – Infusion

Read the Answer by Rick Robinson

“The next one. Always the next one. The process and the “steps” are an important part of each project, but that is not what makes a project a favorite. You can follow the rules well, persistently soldier on through the muck and still fall short.”
Partner/Chief Operating Officer – Billups

Read the Answer by Amy Shaw

“Our 100-screen video wall in D-gates would be my favorite. For a time, it was the largest in-door tiled video wall in the world, and Samsung agreed to sponsor it and donated the screens.”
Airport Concession Manager
McCarran International Airport

Read the Answer by Marcos Terenzio

“One of my favorite projects that I have worked on was designing an immersive retail experience flagship store for Major League Baseball’s Toronto Blue Jays.
My agency, Shikatani Lacroix, has intimate knowledge of the Blue Jays brand.”
Digital Creative Experience – Shikatani Lacroix Design

Read the Answer by Paolo Tosolini

“Success is somehow a personal definition: There are tangible measurements, such as customer satisfaction, on time delivery and on budget delivery. Then, there are intangible aspects that, at least personally, are also quite important.”
CEO – Tosolini Productions

Read the Answer by Mark Zwicker

“One of my favorite and most successful projects is now a full decade old! In 2006, we had an opportunity to create a digital in-store experience for Smirnoff. The brief was pretty straightforward…”
Senior Vice President, Enterprise Business Development – St. Joseph Communications

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