ASK THE BOARD: Subliminal and Suggestive

How does subliminal or suggestive messaging figure in digital signage advertising versus print or broadcast?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Kenneth Brinkman

“OOH is a medium created for short, precise impressions that leave a mark in the mind of people and push the advertised brands into the evoked set of the, often no more than two to three, preferred brands in their category among consumers.”
SVP, group Director of DOOH – Posterscope USA

Read the Answer by Peter Rivera

“The idea of subliminal messaging in advertising initially emerged in the 1950s as a potential way to sell more Coca-Cola and popcorn to theatergoers. There wasn’t a lot of science behind the assertion that micro-messages…”
VP, Chief Experience Officer – Infusion

Read the Answer by Rick Robinson

“First, I didn’t know we actually used “subliminal messaging” in advertising!!! I thought it was all a conspiracy theory conjured up by fringe websites 🙂 But, if actually we do, it breeds a conflict…”
Partner/Chief Operating Officer – Billups

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