ASK THE BOARD: Triggered Content Highlights

What is the best example of triggered content that you have seen or implemented and why?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Matthew Downey

“What was once the annoying infomercial when you walked by an endcap containing a VHS/TV Combo connected to a motion sensor is becoming more strategic and sophisticated as technology is allowing us to do some pretty cool stuff.”
President – Freshwater Digital Media Partners

Read the Answer by Steve Glancey

“A few Screenfeed colleagues sat in on a pre-conference DSE 2016 session that profiled a cool project featured in a San Francisco office building. Images and video of the project can be seen in the link below.”
Vice President Business Development – ScreenFeed

Read the Answer by Bryan Meszaros

“When executed appropriately, triggered content can have an enjoyable impact on the intended audience. Recently, we had the opportunity to work on a project at Madame Tussauds in NYC that was based on the new Ghostbusters movie.”
CEO & Founder – OpenEye

Read the Answer by Jim Nista

“I like to think that triggered content means more than just a user interacting with something; more than just someone triggering a switch or sensor and something happening on the screen. For me, triggered content is best when…”
CEO – Insteo

Read the Answer by Marcos Terenzio

“A recent example of triggered content that we created was our adidas Lift & Compare Experience. Shikatani Lacroix was called on to lead the digital strategy, content creation and brand direction for adidas…”
Digital Creative Experience – Shikatani Lacroix Design

Read the Answer by Daniel Wilkins

“One of the best uses of triggered content, for me, still has to be the BMW Mini campaign from all the way back in 2007. BMW utilized RFID chips inside Mini owners’ keys to deliver customized messages on digital billboards.”
Chief Client Officer
Agency 672

Read the Answer by Mark Zwicker

“My personal pick for the best example of triggered content is Battersea’s “Looking For You” campaign. For those of you who are regular readers of the Ask the Board responses, you’ll notice that this is the same campaign…”
Senior Vice President, Enterprise Business Development – St. Joseph Communications

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