Ask the Board – April 11, 2016 | ADRIAN WEIDMANN


On what basis should a network owner/operator make the decision to operate the network in-house or outsource the operation?

As with most business decisions, it fundamentally comes down to money. Identifying and understanding all of the moving parts and complexities of operating and maintaining a viable digital media network is imperative. The emphasis here is on ALL of the complexities as there are obvious and hidden costs to each and every one of these details. Most of these are not identified and/or understood until after the fact. After all this time, most people still don’t admit that they don’t know what they don’t know. Poor decisions are often made in this informational vacuum. In today’s society, we are all digitally empowered, and with that, our expectations continually evolve and grow. As a digital media network owner/operator, you will be required to continually be valued to the evolving consumer in order to stay viable. This is a daunting task and should weigh heavily when implementing your business model. Identifying and understanding the implications and opportunities with respect to the connected consumer, connected devices, valued content and new business models will allow you to make sound business decisions when it comes to who, how and why you determine operational responsibilities.

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