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“In what innovative ways have you incorporated real-time and dynamic content into digital advertising?”

While pre-programmed content provides predictability for your playlist, it is important to be able to splice your playlist with dynamic real-time content. There are a few main ways in which we can include real-time or dynamic content:

  1. Location-based content – We can enable location-based content that relies on metadata from the location of the display and grabs real-time data like weather and traffic from the Internet. This content is then interlaced within pre-programmed content to give the playlist a current feel. In a particular scenario, we have used real-time content as a ticker that is displayed below the main content. This enables such content to be always visible. This is good for “breaking news” style content.
  2. Personalized local content – We can enable dynamic content that is created by the local signage host to be displayed at a specific saturation rate. This adds additional marketing or workflow efficiency value for the local signage host. There could be additional revenue sharing opportunities with such a value proposition.
  3. Complementary advertising – This is a scenario in which a business advertisement could tie in other complementary business advertisements in a dynamic manner. For instance, when a shampoo ad is being displayed, it could be connected to a hair salon ad in order to create additional complementary value.
  4. Programmatic advertising – We can also take advantage of programmatic advertisements that are traded over an auction service provider. These are a more traditional form of dynamic content.

We also need to consider behind-the-scenes innovation that is needed to address quality and appropriateness of this real-time and dynamic content. 

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